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Moving the rock to the center of a dream

Curling Jamaica brings together Jamaicans from around

the world who want to learn how to play the sport of curling. 

Image by Francis Bouffard

Our Story

It began with a Jamaican-Canadian who became passionate about the

sport of curling and had the dream to share this sport with other Jamaicans.

The dream reached like-minded Jamaicans, and long-time players of the sport,

who also wanted to see their country on the world stage with other international curlers.
Curling Jamaica was created to promote the sport of curling to

Jamaicans and to give those who want to play internationally a path to

represent the nation like many other athletes before them.  

The Curling Jamaica VISION is to identify young athletes from Jamaica,

teach, coach and train curling that will enable them to achieve the goal of

Jamaica standing at the top of the Olympic Podium in 12-16 years!

Curling Jamaica is now recognized by the Jamaica Olympic Association and has

been accepted into the World Curling Federation, as the 67th member country.

Curling Jamaica, the dream, is finally a reality!

2024-2025 DIRECTORS

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